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"Originals" includes songs composed by Paul or his family member
and friends. It's the Smallest Menu item so far, not for lack of material,
but simply because work on the other menu items has taken precedence,
and Paul can only do one thing at a time.

All of the selections were recorded after May of 2013 in my home-based piano-
organ-keyboard room, using a Yamaha F105B electric piano as a controller
hardwired to my MacBook Pro laptop and using Apple's GarageBand,
virtual recording studio. Scroll all the way down the page for a photo
of my layout.

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"Agnus Dei" ("O Lamb of God") (traditional part of the Catholic Mass)
musical setting by Paul Alan Laughlin

"Jeff's Prayer" by Jeff Ciampa (one of Paul's former bassists,
now a much sought after and very busy musician in the
Columbus, Ohio area)--

"Popcorn" by Korey Black (Paul's Stepson)

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This is my home Keyboard Room/Recording Studio. It was formerly a living room,
but on the other side of the conveniently-located kitchen, there is a huge family
room, where the family actually spends most of its time when we are at home.

Nearly all of the recording is done in the corner at the far end of the room. You
will notice no  microphones in this photo, because digital recording doesn't
require them, though they are always an option for the acoustic instruments,
like the baby grand piano and the Hammond B-3 organ, which are pictured,
and horns, drums, guitars, and other instruments that may be used
from time to time. Sometimes the room looks like this:

Chistmas Jam 2012

Son Drew Laughlin, stepson Korey Black, and me
-- at least 60 pounds ago. (Weight Watchers rocks!)

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