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Tom-Tom's Tunes
 A Collection of Lullabies and Other Gentle Music Suitable for
Babies, Infants, and Toddlers, as well as Parents and Other
Adults Who Could  Use a Little Calming in Their Lives

Tried and true tunes that almost everyone familiar with twentieth
century American music has heard performed often and by a variety
 of well-known popular and jazz singers and other musicians.

Jazz Classics
Tunes written by famous jazz musicians and composers, mostly
for fellow jazz musicians to improvise upon.  Still, some of these
became very popular, and thus "Standards," as defined above.

Hymns and other Religious Music

Familiar hymns, spirituals, and other music written primarily and
specifically for use in Christian worship. Most come from the Evangelical
Protestant Christian tradition that was made mostly in the 18th and
19th centuries and mostly in America. But other selections come from
the more ancient Catholic tradition and are used not only there today,
but in other so-called "Mainstream"  Protestant denominations,
such as the Episcopal, Lutheran, and United Methodist Churches.

Original Compositions

Tunes written by the site's host and his family members and friends,
and interpreted and performed by Dr. Paul Alan Laughlin in his own
particular (peculiar?) style. 

Christmas Carols & Other Music of That Season
My own considered opinion is that the distinction between sacred
secular music is totally artificial. I believe that all music is sacred
if it is played or sung with a good intention, and especially so if it
is performed by talented and skill musicians. The collection here
is, to say the least, motley. It is not a jazz Christmas collection:
most of the songs I render fairly straight, though I do lose my
composure on a couple of them.

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This is my home Keyboard Room/Recording Studio. It was formerly a living room,
but on the other side of the conveniently-located kitchen, there is a huge family
room, where the family actually spends most of its time when we are at home.

Nearly all of the recording is done in the corner at the far end of the room. You
will notice no  microphones in this photo, because digital recording doesn't
require them, though they are always an option for the acoustic instruments,
like the baby grand piano and the Hammond B-3 organ, which are pictured,
and horns, drums, guitars, and other instruments that may be used
from time to time. Sometimes the room looks like this:

Chistmas Jam 2012

Son Drew Laughlin, stepson Korey Black, and me
-- at least 60 pounds ago. (Weight Watchers rocks!)

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