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Many philosophers and theologians have talked about a "Great Chain of Being."
  While that certainly is important, it cannot be understood without attention
to the Great Web of Wisdom woven by the sages past and present...
tangles and all.

                                   - Sri Abhidharma Satyananda
                                   (Swami Mahajnana)


The Wabash Center Internet Guide

Quite possibly the best Internet site in the world
for the field of religious studies.  What makes it
especially good is that it was produced and is monitored
by a full-time Internet research librarian who has evaluated
and selected sites for their quality and reliability.
Go wild with this one!

"Perspectives on Faith:  A Web Site for Inquiry about Religion"

Given the excellent information and hundreds of links,
this site is probably the only resource you'll ever need
for information about the world's religions.  It was created
by a retired professor of religious studies at Ball State University
and now and Interfaith Minister in Indiana.

"The Religious Movements Home Page"

Profiles of over 200 religious groups, created
by Sociology students at the University of Virginia.

"Voice of the Shuttle" Religious Studies Page

A collection of excellent links, part of a much larger
humanities research site operated by an English professor
at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Home Page

A wealth of information ranging from the sublime
to the ridiculous and especially good for those
shopping for a religion or spirituality.


Another rich site, with a heart in the right place.

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